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Richard D. Bartlett portrait


My name is Richard D. Bartlett, like Rich dB, like Rich Decibels.

During the Occupy movement in 2011, I caught a glimpse of a different way of being together: more compassionate, more intelligent, more creative, inclusive, and animating than what I’d experienced as a student, worker, or citizen up until that point. Since then I’ve been on a mission.

In 2012 I co-founded Loomio, a digital tool for deliberation and decision-making in groups of 3-300 people. Then in 2016 I co-founded The Hum, which is like a management consultancy for organisations without managers. At The Hum we recently published an online training course that shares everything we know about working in a highly decentralised organisation. I'm also a Director and longstanding member of Enspiral - a network of people supporting each other to grow up and to get paid for doing meaningful work.

I write everyday. I write about how we work together, at any scale, from relationships, to organisations, to social change. I use Twitter as my stream of consciousness, and my more thoughtful articles are published on Medium.

My first book is available here, though it is not finished yet. It’s called Patterns for Decentralised Organising, sharing solutions to the most common failure points of collaborative groups.

I'm a contributing author for Better Work Together, a book written by Enspiral people.

I curate this comprehensive list of resources for decentralised organisations.

My most recent project is called Microsolidarity. It’s one answer to the question: "how do we start more Enspirals?"


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Expect some themes like decentralised organisations, bottom-up politics, self-management, participatory culture, collaboration, mutual aid networks, co-ops, autism, adult development, anarchism, interpersonal power dynamics, political metamodernism, collapse, and spreadsheets.


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I’m frequently overwhelmed with email. To help me manage, please send your request to the right place :)

  • If you’re interested in Loomio, contact the team. I’m not involved in the day-to-day work there.
  • If you need to hire a coach or consultant, or you need training for your decentralised organisation, contact us on The Hum website.
  • If you want to invite me to an event, contact us on The Hum website.
  • If you want to interview me for an article or podcast, you can book in my calendar.
  • If you want advice about your project, you can book a first call for €50 so we can get to know each other. After that my standard advisory rate is €150/hr, with discounts available for social good projects.
  • If none of those options suit you, try pinging me on Twitter.

I used to make noise machines. They’re all open source; you can find the blueprints on my old blog.