Hi I'm Rich

My name is Richard D. Bartlett, like Rich dB, like Rich Decibels.

This is my face

Richard D. Bartlett portrait

Photo credit: Guy Ryan

I write things on the internet

I'm interested in how we work together, at any scale from personal development to organisational design to municipal governance. These are some of the stories I like the best:

These stories are published with a CC0 license, which means you can do whatever you like with them. I publish on medium.com so you can follow me there to be notified of new articles. They're also hosted here on my website with many different formats so you can easily reproduce them.

My first book is available here, even though it is not finished yet. It's called Patterns for Decentralised Organising, sharing solutions to the most common failure points of collaborative groups.

I'm also a contributor to the Enspiral Handbook and the Loomio Cooperative Handbook, which are resources for nonhierarchical organisations.

If you want to support me to write more things like this, you can contribute here. 😍

Here is my CV

Richard D. Bartlett CV  

After having my mind & heart blown open during the Occupy movement, I co-founded two worker-owned companies so I could make a fulltime commitment to the work most meaningful to me:

  • Loomio is open source software for deliberation and decision-making in groups of 3-300 people.
  • The Hum is a coaching, training, and hosting consultancy. We offer practical guidance for decentralised organisations.

I love talking

I used to make noise machines

They're all open source; you can find the blueprints on my old blog. (You can open that link with the Beaker Browser.)

Joybox noise machine
Cedar ceiling speakers